October 2017 - Wall Sits

Every month students at Sheridan Fencing Academy locations can compete in our fitness challenges. The goal is to have fun while improving your fitness! Over the course of the month, you will be given a basic body weight exercise to work on independently--it might be squats, it might be planks, it might be push-ups, who knows?--and at the end of the month, the Sheridan Fencing location that shows the greatest percent improvement (not simply the highest overall numbers) will be crowned the winner! The secret to success is setting a few minutes aside outside of practice to work on your exercises.

The October Challenge is Wall Sits! The Sheridan Fencing location that has the greatest percent increase in wall sit time is the winner.

Here are the rules:
- Each location will determine the current max wall sit time of the students competing during the first week of October.
- Students will spend the next 3 weeks improving their wall sit duraton.
- During the last week of October, new max wall sit time will be counted. The team with the greatest percentage improvement wins!

Here's a video to help you with your wall sit form:

Follow the chart below for your wall sit challenge workout schedule! First determine how long you can hold a wall sit with good form. Then round it down to the closest number on the chart for your "X Value". Now spend the next 21 days getting stronger! Remember to keep your body tight during your push-ups!