Jason Sheridan


Sheridan Fencing Academy founder Jason Sheridan is the first American-born coach in history to train a World Champion in sabre. He has developed many of the top fencers in the US, including the 2018 National Champion, 2016 & 2014 NCAA Champion, 2013 Junior World Champion and silver medalist, and the 2012 Junior Olympic Champion. 

Jason is also the only American to complete the prestigious fencing masters program at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice, Poland. He spent several years there training and studying with legendary fencing coach Zbigniew Czajkowski, helping him write books and papers on fencing and coaching. Jason adopted Professor Czajkowski's unique coaching innovations as the foundation of the Sheridan Fencing program.

Laura Decker

Laura Decker is one of the top fencing referees in the country, regularly officiating at the highest levels of national and international competition. Laura graduated from Caltech, where she was the first female fencer to qualify for the NCAA Championships. Along with coaching and refereeing, Laura continues to compete nationally in sabre and is a former North American Cup winner.



Louis Montorio has many years of competitive and coaching experience with fencers of all ages. Louis is the 2018 National Champion in sabre, four-time National Silver Medalist, multiple times National Finalist and the winner of the 2015 Tri-State Veterans Cup.

Mihail Etropolski

Mihail Etropolski has been coaching fencers for over 10 years, working with beginners to National finalists. As a competitor, he has represented the US at numerous World Cups and at the 2010 Pan American Championships. Mihail is part of an impressive fencing legacy: his father is the 1983 World Champion and his uncle, the 1985 silver medalist.