Below is a list of our programs in Forest Hills. Click here to download our Forest Hills Registration packet.

Kids want to play! The 7-9 Year Old program introduces kids to the sport through games and play. This program focuses on doing more than just teaching a child to fence, however. In order to facilitate their physical and athletic development, children in our 7-9 year old classes are provided with a range of activities that focus on improving coordination, balance, strength, reaction, and concentration. From moving on a balance beam to jumping through hoola hoops, students are provided with an exciting array of exercises that compliment their fencing training as well as increase their overall athleticism. All of our 7-9 year old classes are an hour long and are priced to allow students to take either one class per week or multiple classes a week.

7-9 Year Olds

1 hour class

tu: 4:30pm
th: 5:30pm
sa: 12pm
su: 11am

once/week: $225/mo
unlimited: $325/mo


10 & Older

2 hour class

tu: 4:30pm
th: 5:30pm
sa: 1pm
su: 12pm

once/week: $250/mo
unlimited: $375/mo



1 hour class

th: 7:30pm

once/week: $99/mo
1-on-1: $50

Students in this program advance through our unique curriculum by taking periodic tests, similar to belt tests in many martial arts, that assess their progress. Kids who first join the program stay for one hour of training (Level I). After completing 10 classes, they can take their first test. Upon passing they will be able to stay for 90 minutes of class (Level II). After another 10 classes and another test, the students can then stay for the full two-hour class time (Level III). Once a student reaches Level IV, individual lessons may be added to his or her training in addition to class. There are ten levels in total. It is not unusual for a student, who initially only comes twice a week, to discover a passion for the sport and want to come three, four, or more days each week. Our pricing structure allows students to add training days at no extra charge.


We offer classes for beginner and experienced adult fencers that provide a high-energy workout while teaching and improving fencing skills. Each class includes an array of activities that develop core strength, flexibility, and speed as well as technical and tactical exercises that will accelerate your fencing development. All equipment is provided free of charge; you will only need to bring gym clothes (sneakers, t-shirt, sweatpants).