Below is a list of our programs in Forest Hills. Click here to download our Forest Hills Registration packet.

We are excited to offer our world-class program for the first time in Forest Hills. The first program of its kind in Queens, our Kids program offers the same high intensity combination of fun and learning that we are so known for. In addition to this program, we will soon be offering other opportunities to fencing in Forest Hills, as this new location grows.


90 minute class

tu: 4:30pm
th: 5:30pm
su: 12:00pm

once/week: $225/mo
unlimited: $325/mo



1 hour class

th: 7:30pm

once/week: $99/mo
1-on-1: $50

We offer classes for beginner and experienced adult fencers that provide a high-energy workout while teaching and improving fencing skills. Each class includes an array of activities that develop core strength, flexibility, and speed as well as technical and tactical exercises that will accelerate your fencing development. All equipment is provided free of charge; you will only need to bring gym clothes (sneakers, t-shirt, sweatpants).