Below is a list of our programs in White Plains. White Plains classes are charged by the session, rather than monthly. Click here for our White Plains registration forms!

4 - 6 Year Olds

45 minute class

sa: 9:30am

once/week: $120/mo

Get your young musketeers started with a fun and safe introduction to their favorite sport! Our 4-6 Year Old classes are filled with fun games and play that help your child develop the motor skills and concentration they will need to excel in anything. Designed especially with the youngest fencers in mind, this program uses safe plastic sabers that are light and easy to handle, allowing the kids to explore their new sport in a way that’s perfect for their needs. Kids in this program run, jump, and play as they develop their coordination, balance, and strength while they learn swordplay! 


Kids want to play! The 7-9 Year Old program introduces kids to the sport through games and play. This program focuses on doing more than just teaching a child to fence, however. In order to facilitate their physical and athletic development, children in our 7-9 year old classes are provided with a range of activities that focus on improving coordination, balance, strength, reaction, and concentration. From moving on a balance beam to jumping through hoola hoops, students are provided with an exciting array of exercises that compliment their fencing training as well as increase their overall athleticism. 

7 - 9 Year Olds

1 hour class

tu, we, fr: 4pm
sa: 12pm

once/week: $195/mo
unlimited: $299/mo


Our 10 & Old class is designed to both introduce students to the sport as well as prepare them for their first taste of competition. The training they receive in this program is not only tremendously fun, but it also allows kids to progress at the optimal rate for their future success. The goal of this program s to both develop students' athleticism as well as foster a love of sport and competition. As they advance through our programs, fencers in this age group have the opportunity to become more competitive and advanced in the sport.

10 & Older

tu, fr: 5pm
sa: 1pm
su: 10am

unlimited: $325/mo


We offer classes for beginner and experienced adult fencers that provide a high-energy workout while teaching and improving fencing skills. Each class includes an array of activities that develop core strength, flexibility, and speed as well as technical and tactical exercises that will accelerate your fencing development. Adult membership includes free access to any of our adult classes as well as use of the facility during our open practice times. All equipment is provided free of charge; you will only need to bring gym clothes (sneakers, t-shirt, sweatpants).


1 hour class

tu: 7:30pm

once/week: $99/mo
1-on-1: $50