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Why Choose
Sheridan Fencing Academy?

Fencing is an increasingly popular sport that develops self-confidence, physical ability, and discipline, while providing a great opportunity to make new friends. Sheridan Fencing utilizes a unique training methodology that emphasizes the fun in sports training. Unlike so many other sports programs–whether it’s fencing, soccer, tae kwon do, or swimming–that think effective practice needs be miserable or even militaristic, our philosophy is that the more fun the athletes are having, the harder they will train, and the more they will therefore achieve. Fencing is a sport that requires a focused mind and body. By engaging our students minds in training, they have more fun, improve their focus, and reach much higher goals.

Sheridan Fencing Academy is one of the top centers for fencing lessons in New York and the world thanks to its intensive world-class fencing training. Come try fencing at our Manhattan, Westchester, or Forest Hills locations!

Sheridan Fencing students go on to some of the best schools in the country, including Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Johns Hopkins, and Brown. When attending Sheridan Fencing in New York, not only will you have the best trainers in the nation, but you are also setting your child up for success in the other aspects of their lives. The confidence and focus children develop here can help them excel in their academics, which is in part why you will so often see Sheridan Fencing students go off to prestigious universities. And, of course, many of our fencers are actively recruited by NCAA programs, giving them the opportunity to attend incredible schools. We are constantly pushing the kids to achieve more and more, which translates to finding success in fencing and everything else they do in life.
Our program is based on an important idea: children will learn more when they’re having fun. Whether in school or in sports, if a child is not engaged mentally in an activity–if they are not having fun–they will not achieve excellence. We help kids excel, and have trained some of the top athletes in the country. Our supportive, developmental environment enables students to feel that they belong in the group, which improves their self-esteem and has a tremendously positive influence on all aspects of their lives. As a result, we have created one of the most successful fencing clubs in the US and a place where every student can expand their potential. An excellent sports program should be about more than just physical fitness or competitive results; it should be about expanding potential and helping children grow.